Calgary Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete indepth

finished stamped concrete patio with borders

Stamped Concrete Patio

 Each project is unique, because of the vast amount of choices when you do texture stamped concrete . Each project is designed to the customer’s specifications, and are not predefined like standard stamped mats. As a result, no texture stamp concrete project is  the same.

newly stamped concrete patio in nw calgary
newly stamped concrete patio in nw calgary

Stamped concrete is created by imprinting the surface with a texture or pattern that replicates the texture of a certain stone or rock. This sample demonstrates the imprinting of a rough stone texture, which will later be saw-cut into a pattern. Stamped concrete is poured similarly to conventional concrete pads, with an emphasis on selecting an acceptable texture for the pattern that will be designed later when the concrete has adequately firmed up.

Stamped Concrete patterns

The homeowner picked a design that is a little tough, but as you can see, we like a challenge. It is an Opa Locka pattern that alternates between tiny and large squares. Any design at any size can be cut into the pad. As you would expect the possibilites are endless.

large patio with saw cut concrete pattern
large patio with saw cut concrete pattern
red stamped concrete pad with saw cutting

The ultimate impact of saw cutting the stamped concrete is seen in these photographs. The grouting gives the stamped concrete authenticity, and the variety of hues adds visual interest. Our unique texture stamped concrete leaves the surface nicely textured and constant throughout the slab, unlike many other patterns.

getting ready to saw cut concrete slab
stamped concrete with saw cuts in Calgary

Grouted Stamped Concrete

This patio’s seven-color surface offers an ultra-realistic natural rock appearance. It’s a tad busy before the saw cut. Once finished and grouted, the saw cut design seems to be a variety of multicoloured natural rock slabs, creating an aesthetically beautiful surface. Additionally, the photographs demonstrate the grouting of the concrete after the saw incisions. The owner selected an ashlar slate design that was measured and fitted to exactly suit the patio.
Concrete colours may be approached in a variety of ways. It may be as simple as requesting integrated colour from the concrete supplier and designing the pad in monochrome. Additionally, we may get the similar effect by using a colour hardener, which is often more vibrant and really hardens the surface. Additionally, we have the ability to colour the concrete in a number of ways, which is crucial if you’re attempting to replicate the appearance of natural stone. As seen by our images, we use a range of colours to get the desired effect.

grouting stamped concrete in pump hill patio project
stamped concrete patio with grouted joints in Pump Hill Calgary
stamped concrete patio with stamped border
acid stain patio before the acid stain application

Acid Stained Stamped Concrete

The final sealed product is seen in this photograph, and you can see how the sealer not only preserves the stamped concrete, but also enhances the colours, creating an appealing concrete pad. The acid stained patio has a deep rusty worn leather effect that only acid staining can provide.

acid stain patio close up in Calgary
acid wash concrete patio in Pump Hill Calgary
Stamped Concrete being Sealed

Sealed Concrete

 Sealing concrete enhances the colour of decorative concrete, it also protects it from stains. There are several benefits and downsides of concrete sealing concrete, with the positives clearly outweighing the negatives. However, one downside of stamp concrete is that it may make the surface slick, which may be dangerous on slopes higher than 5 percent . By placing sand over the newly coated concrete, the sheen is reduced and the sealer is slightly contoured.

the front stamped concreter driveway in Pump Hill Calgary
the rear stamped concrete patio in Pump Hill Calgary

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