A Concrete Patio Project

the rear concrete patio in Pump Hill Calgary

Most times we do not obtain official blueprints, which, like many of our undertakings, this one was primarily a thought. There were no official designs to work from, so we sketched something on paper to demonstrate how the water would drain and the overall arrangement of the steps and concrete retaining wall that would be required, and then started building.

The Design plans

The backyard was a gravel bowl that was unpleasant for lounging and enjoying the summer. Because grass would not grow and only a few plants would survive, we calculated that a big patio enclosed by concrete planters would be low maintenance and practical, while also making the rear very inviting for the residents and any visitors.

The plans for the rear concrete patio in Pump Hill Calgary
Before concrete patio is started
Large stamped concrete patio under construction in Pump Hill

For the retaining walls and borders, we chose a light wash architectural concrete texture, and for the internal sections, we chose a 7 color multi-color stamped concrete finish. In a separate stamp concrete study, you may read in full how we created the multi-colored, custom-cut, and grouted stamp concrete. Take a look at the article about personalised stamped concrete.
Multiple perspectives are blended to depict the yard’s dramatic transformation from a variety of angles and perspectives.

Large stamped concrete patio in Pump Hill

Drainage is Key

This view from the south-east corner highlights the stark contrast. Water drains to a washed rock piece at the concrete patio’s lowest point. If we did not nail the drainage these little walls would act like pool walls and we would have a large swallow swimming pool every time it rained. Drainage is crucial for all concrete jobs and especially one of this type.

digging a concrete patio
Concrete patio newly gravelled

Stamped Concrete Preparation

Finished concrete patio in Pump Hill, Calgary
Finished concrete patio in Pump Hill
Patio under construction
Large stamped patio with large trees

Beautiful Stamped Concrete Combination

The Concrete Patio is Taking Shape

This yard has 54,000 pounds of concrete in the form of a patio, walls, and steps, yet when walked through, it seems really private, not overdone, and is surrounded by trees and plants, which make it rather welcoming. The concrete steps, which are distinct from the stamped concrete, accentuate the risers. The risers are subtly washed and include an overhang to provide the sensation of floating; these steps are relatively modern and are in high demand among homeowners seeking a contemporary stair riser design.

Concrete patio under construction in Calgary
Large Brown stamped concrete steps
Back yard walkway and small stamped patio in Calgary

A Four Week Concrete Project

A stamped concrete walkway connects the side yard to the rear patio area every ten feet to mirror the bigger stamped portions. From start to finish, this backyard patio restoration took four weeks, and by the conclusion of the four weeks, the back yard had been completely redo.

Kindly contact us through email with any questions or comments about this project. We value your feedback.