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Exposed aggregate steps in Calgary

Concrete Experience

We are the industry leaders in the Calgary Residential Architectural Concrete Contracting market, with over 25 years of experience. We take on all residential concrete work. 

Driveway Choices

As you reach a house, the first thing you’ll notice is the driveway, which is usually made of concrete. Additionally, it’s a property’s most substantial concrete feature by far. That said, our highly trained staff will work with you to create a unique and innovative driveway decorative concrete design. With so many design options, it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few favourites! Some of the more simple driveways would include, broom finish, or smooth and uncoloured, with minimal cut lines and straight edges. Some of the more intricate designs can include a stamped concrete coloured border, partitioning light sandblasted sections into panels, with rounded edges.

large exposed aggregate driveway with borders

Concrete steps might just be the most decorative or main concrete element of the exterior at your property. As concrete professionals we can bring any customized vision to reality. A few examples include: structural concrete steps, floating concrete steps, concrete steps with nosings, and illuminated concrete steps. Most usually concrete steps are used for access to your front or back entrance, but, we may install concrete steps for different uses. Along steeply inclined driveways, to compensate for high grade change among buildings, to access elevated patios. Finishes for concrete steps include a broom finish (for grip), smooth finish, textured finish, and light architectural wash (for colour variation). We can build your own stairs to meet your budget. Contact us Today

Concrete Wall Construction

large steps and planters in NW Calgary

We build Architectural Walls

Most modern buildings are built with alot of concrete, and the walls and foundation are the largest typical areas of use.  Retaining walls, building foundation walls, planter walls, and architectural walls are some of the several forms of concrete walls. Our staff has extensive experience preparing, building, and pouring concrete walls as concrete professionals. Excavation and building of concrete footings, a stable foundation for walls to be built on, is always the first step in the construction of concrete walls. This provides both stability and structural integrity to the walls. When architectural concrete walls are required, we use higher-quality materials to ensure a paper-smooth surface, which is the most frequent requested of our wall types. Light sandblast, board plank (Wood pattern), chamfered edges with rustifications, and other treatments and patterns are available for architectural walls. For our highly skilled crew, no barrier is too little, large, or complex.

Concrete Sealing

What Sealer is Best

Concrete is a large investment, so after a concrete project is complete, customers often ask the best way to protect their concrete and how to slow deterioration caused by weather and use. The best solution for this is the addition of a sealer to the already cured and cleaned concrete surface. Picking the right sealer can be tricky. Our team uses two types of sealers; Acrylic solvent based sealer or a penetrating water based sealer. Acrylic sealer is more commonly used on stamped concrete, or exposed aggregate. Acrylic sealer has glossy characteristics which darken the colour of the concrete when applied, accenting all the different colours in the concrete. This sealer offers great protection from the elements, however it is known to be slippery when wet, so it is not advised to be used on a smooth surface, or steep grades. Penetrating sealer is more commonly used on broom or smooth finishes as this type of sealer does not change the overall look of the concrete. Its main use is to penetrate into the surface of the concrete creating a barrier that helps prevent moisture from penetrating into the surface, causing water to bead off of the concrete.

Concrete Experts

Custom Forming

We have been constructing concrete stairs, walls, fountains, and custom concrete forming project since our beginnings. Our custom concrete forming capability is significantly greater than industry standards, as shown by our work. Forming concrete is important to the success of any concrete project, if the forming is not up to par the project has little chance of being an exceptional job. Contact us to form your next project. 


Concrete Removal Services

We can remove it and redo it

 As concrete demolition contractors we have all the required equipment and tools to remove, load and truck away items to a recycler, safely, effectively, and with as little damage as possible to nearby landscaping. We utilise a mixture of machinery with breakers, electric hand breakers, and concrete saws to get the work done. We are not restricted to simply removing concrete, we can also remove asphalt, paving stones or other materials. We Remove Concrete Pad, concrete walls, concrete stairs, pools, and all other concrete structures.

You may explore more about stamped concrete and a variety of other projects on our projects page. Click the button for further details.

From conception to completion, our projects sections include many images and details on the process of making this project and other works.

stamped concrete stairs and patio with nosings

Stamped Concrete Finishes

Stamped concrete patios and driveways are produced by pressing textures and patterns into wet concrete using a method called stamping concrete. You may select from a large range of designs and colours, assuring that each project is unique. In the concrete sector, stamped concrete is the most prevalent decorative concrete finishing. The cost is influenced by the product’s size, style, and design. The least costly employ largely huge textured areas with little colour and few saw cuts, while the most expensive use a variety of colours, borders, patterns, and grouting to give the highest degree of realism. All procedures are tailored to the client’s likes and budgetary limits; there are few incorrect or right answers when it comes to crafting art.

Concrete Patios

Concrete Creativity

Decorative concrete patios are a terrific addition for any outdoor living area or backyard remodel, offering additional room for family gatherings, or for creating a comfortable but dynamic backyard environment. As concrete contractors we can create concrete patios of any size, design or form. After the building of the patio, it is time to decide the colour and finish. Colour may be applied in many ways, each approach giving a somewhat unique aesthetic. From smooth to textured/stamped concrete, from broom finish to light sandblasted or exposed aggregate, we can create any desired finish.
After the concrete patio is poured and cured, we next add structural and decorative saw cuts.

Stamped Concrete Mats

When selecting stamped concrete as your decorative finish there are 2 options you pick your style from. The first is the traditional choice of picking an interlocking rubber mats like ashlar slate, random stone, london cobble stone, etc to produce a pattern that is repeated and all size defined by the mat sizes. The second way is to pick simply a texture and stamp the whole project with that texture then saw cut to a customized style and size to fit your tastes, and then possibly grout the saw cuts to offer the utmost likely hood that the concrete will be mistaken with actual grouted slate or stone.

Our Concrete Services Continued

Acid Staining

The process of adding tinted acid to existing concrete surfaces to create beautiful color to exterior and enterior concrete surfaces.

Acid etching

Acid etching creates a light profile on concrete surfaces great for treating a surface before a topping is appiled.

Broomed Concrete

Our most popular exterior finish for concrete we offer. A light brush is used for the final finishing step on air entrained concrete adding safety while an attractive finish. 

Large planters with white concrete steps in Calgary


Concrete countertops can be cast on site or prefabricated. We create cast in place counter tops for residential and commercial properties.

Concrete Finishing

Concrete finishing we would be the most important part of any concrete contracting job. We do not finish for other contractors, sorry. 

Concrete Demolition

Concrete demolition, or concrete removal is another service we provide to our customers. We have large equipment for driveways and foundations to small machine equipped to breaker to fit into narrow backyards.

Concrete Grinding

We grind concrete, to allow for toppings, to remove a trip hazard, or to make a wall smooth. We have vacuum attachments when dustless grinding is required.

Excavation Services

Having a full line of compact excavators and skid steers we are able to offer solely excavation services. We offer competitive rates for clients solely wanting excavation or grading services.

Garage Slabs

Garage Slabs are a service we provide to all our builders and private customers. We excavate, form and then supply place and finish the concrete.  If your slab is to be heated we can supply and install insulation as well. 

Landscape Construction

We can do all the soft scaping contracting as well. If you want a great designer to come up with a killer plan , no problem we work with many great designers within the city to.

Pool Decks

We can pour pool decks including custom copings. Often, we use one of our decorative or architectural concrete textures to finish concrete pool decks. The goal is to create attractive and durable concrete surfaces.

large steps and planters in nw calgary


Concrete Repair is needed quite often in our climate. We have all the needed tool to repair concrete but not all concrete is suitable to be repaired. Contact us for concrete repairs we do and do not do. 

Sealing Concrete

We utilise the appropriate sealant for concrete projects. Acrylic sealers are the most often used, followed by penetrating sealers. Concrete sealing solutions are available for a variety of applications, including driveways, patios, walkways, and stairwells.

large stamped patio with exposed aggregate patio

Stamped Concrete is a beautiful finish and well worth the additional cost for concrete that is a focal point. See our projects section for example of our stamped concrete work.

Structural Concrete

Structural concrete is concrete that must hold more than its own weight usually elevated. It has to be built with a higher level of care than typical slab on grade concrete. We construct structural concrete and supply and install our own shoring.


Most modern building have concrete walls either above or below grade. We excavate form pour, place and finish concrete walls. Please see our project section for examples of projects with walls in them.

Iron Castle Concrete

Large Steps to front entrance in Calgary

We are always striving to complete high-quality projects on time and on budget. We provide residential and commercial concrete contracting services. If you’re constructing a new house or renovating an old one, contact us immediately to work with the best concrete contractor in Calgary.